Benefits Of A Timber Frame Home

Benefits Of A Timber Frame Home

     Timber Frames have been around for a very long time dating back as far as 10,000 years ago. Popular among the Romans and throughout the Middle Ages, it's a style of building that has been both popular and practical throughout history. Today, Timber Frames are gaining in popularity once again. With some modern engineering and added features we can take Timber Frames to the next level.

Why are they becoming so popular? What makes them so great?

Here are 7 Reasons why Timber Frames are so awesome!

- Works of Art

- More Energy Efficient

- Strong and Durable

- Easier to Remodel

- Construction is Quick

- Environmentally Friendly

- No Limits in Design and Size

    Works of Art

Large and Spacious Great Room

Timber Frames are something that never gets old to build. Without fail, whether it’s a 3000 square ft home or a10ft x 10ft outdoor pavilion timber frames always seem to catch the attention of everyone. Timber frames have a natural beauty, the grains and knots and other natural aspects of wood are very eye appealing when put on display. Combine that with unique designs, even the simple ones, they become works of art.


Energy Efficient

Usually, timber frames are very energy efficient because of the type of building materials that are used. Often in combination with the timbers, SIPs are used. SIPs or Structural Insulated Panels are super energy efficient as well as provide good structural support. They can make a home two to three times more efficient than a standard conventional home.

Strong and Durable

Timber Frames are a combination of quality timbers (most commonly cut from Douglas Fir) and expert engineering. The amazing thing is that even in the engineering there is a variety of different methods that can be used, depending on the look you desire. All in all, you end up with a building that has potential to last for generations!

Timber Frame Restaurant

Easier to Remodel

One of the benefits often missed is that timber frames are actually easier to remodel. You generally don’t have to worry about weight baring walls since the whole frame, if all timbers, is what carries the weight. Making it easy to simply knock out a wall in between the timbers without worrying if the whole structure will collapse. As a builder I can tell you this is so nice, and for the owner it makes it less expensive to expand or renovate!

Construction is Quick

Now this benefit can vary depending on style and size but generally the actual construction is very quick. The timbers are often milled and cut off site before being transported to the sight for assembly. Here at Highline Construction we can assemble and raise nearly an entire frame of a fairly large house in about a week’s time. Again, this timeline changes based on size and design but overall to get the initial frame up is much faster than a conventional home. Which in turn saves on labor costs.

Environmentally Friendly

Another awesome benefit of timber frames is that they are environmentally friendly, besides the fact that timbers are a renewable resource. Most timbers are solid wood beams ranging in size, depending on style and size. But can be up to 12 inches in width or larger. It takes less energy to cut out timbers than it does to cut a large amount of smaller boards. So creating less of a carbon footprint. Also, since they are so energy efficient, also less energy needs to be used to maintain a comfortable atmosphere.

Timber Frame Home with Gable Accents

No Limits Design and Size

All around timber frames our awesome. However, one of the coolest features is that there are literally no limits in design or size. You can go as crazy or as big as you would like. You want an arched timber doorway; it can be done. You want a three-story timber frame? It can be done! You dream it. We can do it. We helped to build the ark encounter, the largest timber frame structure in the world to date. We know firsthand that there is no limit on size and design.

 We LOVE Timber Frames

Timber Frames are by far our favorite type of structure to build. We are professionals at it and have it down to a science. If you're looking for a builder...... contact us today!!

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