What Are SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels)

What Are SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels)

What Are SIPs?

What are SIPs (structural Insulated Panels) ? A common question I often get is, what do you put on the outside of Timber Frames? Most often what we put on the outside of Timber is SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels). This creates an energy efficient and structurally sound home and doesn't mess with any of the beauty of your home. The photo above is a home that was built using SIPs. But what are SIPs? Why use them over conventional framing?

SIPs on a Timber Frame

High-Performance Building System

             Structural Insulated Panels or SIPs for short are a high-performance building system for residential and light commercial construction. Constructed of insulating foam sandwiched between two structural facings, usually oriented strand board (OSB). SIPS are used both on the walls and the roof, making these a great choice if you want a very energy efficient home. With SIPs there is no need for conventional framing, as each panel is rated and designed for structural strength and durability. This creates a perfect combination for your building choice as they cut down on time in building and they are super energy efficient.

The Perfect Choice for Energy Efficiency!
SIP Panel Breakdown

Super Insulated

               Sips are the perfect choice to go for if you want a very energy efficient home. In fact, going with SIPs can make a building so “tight” or so super insulated that no outside air can get in. So, a flow system needs to be put in to keep fresh air flowing. Which adds another perk to those who have allergies as you then have the option to filter the air coming in to keep the pollen and pesky bugs outside. Besides keeping bugs out this will drop your energy bills down to a fraction of the cost of conventional framing and insulating.

Many of the homes we build have cathedral ceilings, or a massive great room and people often comment that they would " hate to pay the heating bill", when really there heating bill is actually a whole lot cheaper than many others because they chose to go with SIPs.

Perfect for any Custom Home!

               Sips are perfect for a custom home as they are manufactured and cut to the unique specifications of each home. This ensures that they fit perfectly to your home. Also, it makes installation very easy and quick. We have set many SIPs, the come out labeled with a print all laid out for us. There is still some prep work to do before we set and then it only takes a few days to install on a large project. This is one of the many reasons we love SIPs and why many other people do as well. We most commonly use SIPs on our Timber Frame homes because they truly make for a perfect combination of durability, beauty and efficiency. But don't worry! SIPS can be used on any custom home not just Timber Frames!

We Install!!

               There is often only one downfall to choosing SIPs for your home… that’s finding someone to install them. There is a certain amount of knowledge and skill need to install SIPs in a timely manner! You’re in luck, we are experts at installing SIPs. So, you don’t need to look and further than Highline Construction LLC. We highly recommend using SIPs on your future build as they really are a superior building system.  Providing both durability and efficiency.

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